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Our mushroom gummies are 100% vegan, certified USDA organic, and gluten-free. We use pectin instead of gelatin, which is better for the Earth and better for you. Another fun fact about pectin is they hold up better in high heat avoiding the gummies from sticking together when shipping in the summer. We also use a dual-extraction method for our mushrooms to ensure our gummies provide you with the highest potency of mushrooms. And we only use mushroom fruiting bodies instead of the significantly less potent mycelium on grain. We not only want to make super delicious treats, but ones that actually pack a healthy punch and actually work.


One UP Gummies – Ape

One Up Magic Mushroom Gummies are here and tastes yummy and will take you on a magical journey!!

The One Up brand has done it again with the One Up Magic Mushroom Gummies and they are amazing. The first to come out with psilocybin or magic mushroom gummies. If you don’t want to chew on funky tasting mushrooms and want to ingest a tasty treat instead. This is the product for you!  Each bag or container consists of 2.5 grams of your favorite strain with a delicious kick! With these yummy psychedelic treats you can choose to either micro-dose or go on a full on magical journey. Either way, you’ll be pleasantly surprised as you focus and feel happiness or go on a magical journey.

One Up Magic Mushroom Gummies comes in five awesome and delectable flavors. Try them out today! Psilocybin is known to help with depression, hardcore drug addiction.

Available in such flavors as:

  • Shroom N ade
  • Blue Schnozberry
  • Magic Apple
  • Shroomberry
  • Ape

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Flavor Shroom N Ade , Schnozberry, Magic Apple , Shroomberry, Ape

How Are Mushroom Gummies Made?

Have you ever watched Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? Well, we would love to say that our production of mushroom extract gummies is as colorful, exciting, and musical. However, we do feel all of our employees have that same sparkle in their eyes as Mr. Wonka himself. Not going to lie, working with mushrooms is far more exciting than working in a cubicle, so it’s not hard to have a sparkle in your eye! We make our gummies with extraordinary passion and attention to detail. Here’s how it works:

  • We ethically source our 100% USDA certified organic, non-GMO mushrooms from our partner mushroom farms 
  • Then our team extracts the highest quality compounds through dual extraction and has these extractions 3rd party lab tested for quality and so that you know what the beneficial compounds are. We actually have these lab results transparent on our site on on a QR code on the products so you can see them yourself! 
  • We blend the mushroom extracts with pectin and yummy flavors.
  • The liquid mix gets poured into molds to set up.
  •  After the gummies transform from liquid to gummies, we package the delicious gummies in super clean, third party audited, credited, and certified facilities and prepare them for shipping.
  • You eat them, you say “Holy Sh!t these are amazing”, you have to force yourself not to eat the whole bag the first day…you revive your health!

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